Hannah Louise - Look 2

One of my favourite things about getting a new camera is the excuse to go out and collaborate with new people. Hannah and I shot three looks together and it was great to work with someone with such fresh style. 

We shot on my Canon 5D Mark ii and a few on a 35mm point and shoot.



Every few years my best friend and I take a road trip to Dungeness. It's a strange place, full of artists holed up in isolation ready to create. Here are some photo's from a roll of 35mm taken while we wandered around. 


Recently bought my first Polaroid camera. I never had one as a child so this is all new to me.

I like how spontaneous it is, the way the results are so unpredictable - and when they work, they really really work!

Here is a selection of some of my shots made recently of my friend Amber. I'm trying to buy a pack of film every month and to just keep shooting. 

Woodland Wanderings

I've finally managed to get around to scanning this film I shot in February. I took an early morning walking in the frost around the woodlands where I live. It was so beautiful and a chance to really just look at the environment around me and appreciate it. 

I took out my trusty Canon EOS 300 35mm camera and used a random film i had lying around. I've got a feeling this lens needs a good clean though!



Fleur and Arbor

I co- founded and curate Fleur and Arbor, a new online platform for sharing contemporary photography and providing opportunities for people to showcase what they create, along with their writing and providing space to exhibit work. 



We recently had our first open call, asking for submissions exploring the theme of 'Change', with all images having to be shot on a disposable camera.  Here are some of the submissions below.

From the vaults

This project 'Untitled Faith' was shot during my second year of University.

I wanted to explore the strangely bland rooms offered to practice Faith in. I shot in a variety of places, including a Quaker meeting house, the university nurses office and a Baptist church.

I wanted to explore the idea that faith cannot be seen, only felt. And eventually i realised that it didn't matter what the room looked like, a spiritual moment can take place anywhere.