Woodland Wanderings

I've finally managed to get around to scanning this film I shot in February. I took an early morning walking in the frost around the woodlands where I live. It was so beautiful and a chance to really just look at the environment around me and appreciate it. 

I took out my trusty Canon EOS 300 35mm camera and used a random film i had lying around. I've got a feeling this lens needs a good clean though!



From the vaults

This project 'Untitled Faith' was shot during my second year of University.

I wanted to explore the strangely bland rooms offered to practice Faith in. I shot in a variety of places, including a Quaker meeting house, the university nurses office and a Baptist church.

I wanted to explore the idea that faith cannot be seen, only felt. And eventually i realised that it didn't matter what the room looked like, a spiritual moment can take place anywhere.